The Leadership Institute, also known as the BGS Global Leadership Institute, aims to strengthen the governance capabilities of the Core Team, empowering businesses to generate growth forces toward prosperous and sustainable development.

As an unit of BGS Global Vietnam, a member of BrainGroup, which is a consultancy and investment organization with a focus on sustainable development, the BGS Global Leadership Institute plays a pivotal role in helping businesses establish their competitive edge and enhance their brand value in the market.

BrainGroup comprises renowned members such as BrainMark Vietnam, Braintek Vietnam, BGS Global Vietnam, and the International Management Institute.



Become the organization that creates the most effective growth forces and is recognized by the business president community.


Governance consultancy and solution investment for businesses that embrace a sustainable development mindset, which enables businesses to reinforce their inherent growth potential.

Core Values

Speed – Dedication – Intelligence.
Speed - Identify opportunities and implement them swiftly.
Dedication - Make an effort and work with a pure heart.
Intelligence - Apply knowledge and accelerate value.