The success of a business is directly linked to the strength of its team. BGS Global Leadership Institute offers both public training courses and in-house programs that are customized to meet the unique requirements of each business.

To ensure an effective implementation of the training program and minimize costs and resources, we follow a 5-step implementation process:

  • [1]
    Target Agreement
    Consult and set training targets that are compatible with the company’s specific needs and characteristics.
  • [2]
    Training Program Design
    Analyze the characteristics and resources of the business to select the most effective lectures.
  • [3]
    Lesson Plan Compilation
    Design training content in a scientific manner and develop modern teaching methods for each department.
  • [4]
    Training Deployment
    Implement standard training programs for businesses while also taking into account each student's opinion.
  • [5]
    Post Training Evaluation
    Support businesses in maximizing the strength of their team and improving the capacity of each member.


  • Strategic planning
  • Application of modern marketing methods
  • Professional brand management
  • Marketing strategies for sales and R&D teams
  • Trade marketing plan development for sales increase
  • Brand crisis management and resolution
  • New product research and development
  • Knowledge improvement of Shopper
  • Marketing Effective product marketing through merchandising skills
  • Professional sales skills
  • Professional sales management skills
  • Persuasive product presentation skills
  • Successful closing techniques
  • Building and developing professional sales networks
  • Improvements in customer care and service quality
  • Building and developing distribution channels
  • Skills in sales and customer care through a phone call
  • Sales team training skills
  • Strategy development for high-quality human resource training
  • Implementation and application of salary, bonus, and welfare systems
  • Recruitment and interview skills for managers
  • 3P (C&B) salary calculation methods BSC-KPIs system operation methods
  • Methods for building title standards
  • Methods for building a professional management system
  • Internal PR for businesses – HR Duties
  • Methods for building an effective organizational structure
  • Train the Trainer
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • Effective delegation and work motivation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Management capacity improvement for middle managers
  • Team building and development
  • Professional sales communication skills
  • Effective meeting management skills
  • Internal conflict resolution skills
  • Team management and supervision skills


The BGS Global Leadership Institute team will contact you directly to provide detailed information for the training program.